Exquisite Pistachio Shortbread

Posted by Muriel Hedgcock

These buttery shortbread biscuits are deliciously melt in mouth. The roasted pistachio bits and the fine icing dusting on top adds an indulgent dimension to them.

Ingredients makes 20
125 gr soft butter
180gr sifted flour
50 gr Castor sugar
20gr chopped pistachio nuts
icing sugar for dusting

Beat butter and sugar until light and creamyAdd sifted flour, then continue beating .
Add chopped Pistachios and stir into mixture
Take shortbread dough out of bowl
and form into a ballTear off pieces and roll them into
little sausages about 2cm x4cmPut on greased baking tray & flatten.Sift icing sugar on top and put in freezer for 5-10min

Bake in preheated oven for 15-20min at 180 C
Enjoy at teatime, anytime or,

as a complimentary touch with your homemade
Halva & Pistachio ice-cream.

Tip: To make your own Castor sugar, put organic sugar or healthy alternative into a coffee grinder or use hand blender and blend for a minute or two.
For icing sugar blend until even finer.


heather l said...

These are a very big must in every home. Every visit loves these with a cuppa.

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