SOUP Vichyssoise ( Leek & Potato Soup)

Posted by Muriel Hedgcock

SOUP Vichyssoise ( Leek & Potato Soup)

This simply DELICIOUS leek and potato soup is smooth & creamy
yet simple to make and economical.

4 med Leeks washed and trimmed
4 med potatoes peeled and diced
200g butter for frying
2 tsp herbal salt
1 stock cube
1 litre boiling water
450ml full cream milk
cream optional

Melt half the butter fry chopped trimmed leeks until golden. Set aside.
Melt remaining butter and brown potatoes until golden. Add leeks and herbal salt.
Break stock cube into pieces and add to leek and potatoes cover with 1 liter boiling water.
Bring the soup to the boil, then turn down heat and simmer for 30 min or until soft.
Blend to smooth consistency & add full cream milk & again. Heat through, do not boil.
Serve with a twirl of cream and garnish with chopped chives or with leek shreds.

Tip: When chopping the leeks keep a raw green leek slice aside. Slice finely to garnish the individual soup bowls. Leek soup is normally garnished with chopped chives, but this an economical way of garnishing & you save having to buy chives.
If you don't have cream, don't worry. Just use a little watered down mayonnaise & twirl on top of soup for garnish.


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