Gingerbread men

Posted by Muriel Hedgcock

These biscuits are such fun to do with the kids. Let them be creative. My children have made all sorts of fun things with the dough, horses, dinosaurs.....


3/4 cup soft butter
3/4 cup Organic sugar ( or Healthy alternative)
3 Tbs Honey
2 and 1 half cups self raising flour ( I used gluten free)
1 egg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp all spice with cloves ( optional)
choc chip chocolate for eyes & buttons
cut liquorice string for mouth

Cream butter and sugar until creamy
Add honey and egg.
Beat until smooth
Sift dry ingredients and
add to the butter mixture
Mix together,
Form into large ball of dough
Add flour if dough is too sticky.

Roll into small balls the size of a 50 c coin
You will need 3 balls to make each
gingerbread man, so don't make them too big.
Roll sausage like shapes out of 2 of the balls
As illustrated shape your men and
press in the eyes, buttons & mouth.
Flatten on greased baking tray.

Bake at 375F or 180 C for 8 to 10 min.

If you like biscuits extra crunchy,
Place baking tray back into cool oven and leave until completely cold.
Transfer biscuits into a airtight container.

Flatten some of the balls and make a few ginger biscuits for dad to enjoy. :-)

The gluten free flour tends to make the biscuits a little dry and crumbly but are still very tasty and they are much better for my slightly gluten intolerant family.

If you do not have liquorice string cut strips from liquorice twists instead.
Let your children be creative and have fun !


Anonymous said...

i am sooo excited to do this with Sophie.. We just learned about the gingerbread man the other day, this will fit right along with our lesson. Love it and so fun and simple. Thanks a million for this site, I have enjoyed it so far.

Nicki O'Donovan said...

I've just finished making these with my girls and we had SO much fun! They smell simply delicious!

Muriel Hedgcock said...

Oh Wow I am so happy with the feedback ! Every time it's Gingerbread making time my family love it. Including Caitie my 16 year old and my hubby enjoys the eating of them !! LOL

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