Lunchboxes made easy

Posted by Muriel Hedgcock

A Handy Tip:

When dishing up supper, I always dish up an extra portion in a small tupperware.
We end up having about 1 Tablespoon less supper each, but that's OK. We hardly miss it.
My life is made easier and my husband's lunch box is sorted for the next day. I don't have to hassle about what to put on his sandwiches. You see Terry, my husband, does not enjoy taking sandwiches to work, as bread makes him feel sleepy and that's not want he needs to be when he is at work. LOL


Muriel Hedgcock said...


Maryke said...

What a great idea!!! - Just need to does he reheat this delicious meal at work??
13 February 2010 02:17
Muriel Hedgcock said...

There is a microwave at his work that Terry could use, but he does not like using microwaves. He says they change the structure of the molecules and the flavor as well.
Terry just eats it cold and says sometimes it tastes even better cold. LOL
13 February 2010 07:21

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