Potato Pancakes, Kartoffelpuffer

Posted by Muriel Hedgcock

My German grandmother used to make these scrumptious potato pancake( Kartoffelpuffer), when I was a child, so they bring back lovely childhood memories. They are served with applesauce and it goes surprisingly well together. My children love these.

Ingredients: 8 Potato Pancakes

500g potatoes ( 3 large) peeled and grated
1 small onion ( or half) peeled & grated
1 egg
20g Self raising flour ( I used gluten free)
1 flat tsp salt
Oil for frying

Grate potatoes and onion in a bowl.

Transfer into a sieve to squeeze out excess liquid.

Put back into the bowl & add egg, flour & salt. Mix together

Make individual patties using about 2 tbsp of potato mixture.

Heat oil and fry for about 7 min each side.

Press with egg lifter to flatted . Fry until nice & crispy on both sides.

Serve with apple sauce ( Apfelmuss)

1 large Apple or 2 small ones peeled and chopped
1 tsp sugar
100ml water

Bring water & sugar to the boil
Add chopped peeled apples.
Use just enough water to steam apples for 10min
Too much water will make apple sauce runny.
When apples are soft blend until smooth. Cool

Serve as a light meal or snack. Fun for your children this mid term break!

Tip : If you prefer a savoury potato pancakes add chopped ham and grated cheese to the mixture before frying and serve with a side salad. Makes a tasty lunch.


My 7 year old son Jonathan asked if he could have potato pancake for lunch yesterday. A big one that would fill the whole frying pan. I try as much as possible to keep him from eating gluten. So I was happy with the idea. He grated 1 potato, used 1 egg, 1tsp gluten free flour, a little sea salt and oil for frying.
We spread the mixture and flattened it with a fork as it is not as running as normal pancake batter. He cooked it for about 5 min each side. Using an egg lifter we flipped it over. While the potato pancake was cooking, we peeled an apple & stewed it in a little water adding some cinnamon. Once cooked I helped him blend the apple. He added extra cinnamon on top... and Voila ! He was so proud that he made his very own lunch and ate it all up.

P.S He did grate a little bit of his thumb in the process, but it was worth it. LOL


Nicki O'Donovan said...

I remember you making these when we were growing up! They are my favorite way to eat potato!

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