Spanish Chicken Salad

Posted by Muriel Hedgcock

I've named it Spanish Chicken Salad because of Spanish Spice mixture used, but any spicy mix will do.
Cajun Spice is really great, otherwise make up your own mix using salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder whatever you have. ( above picture made 2 servings)

2 chicken breast
Spanish Spice
Olive Oil
1/2 Large Lettuce
1-2 Tomatoes cut into quarters
1 Red pepper cut into strips
spicy marinated carrots ( or plain carrot sticks)
12 stuffed olives cut in slices
mustard sprouts for garnish ( Optional)
Chili Salsa ( Optional)

Sprinkle spice mixture generously and press into chicken breast.
Heat oil and fry chicken breast for about 5-10 min each side ( depending how well you like it done) . To sear the chicken breast press flat with egg lifter into the hot pan. This gives it a char kind of taste. Turn off heat & let it cool.
While chicken is cooking through. Wash lettuce using colander and shake off excess water. Prepare all other ingredients.
Set out 4 bowls and divide lettuce leaves between them. Cut cooked spicy chicken into strips and allow 1/2 chicken breast per serving. Garnish side of bowl with sliced stuffed olives, carrot sticks & tomato wedges. Top off with Mustard sprouts and (if you like things hot) chili salsa.

Tip: To serve this salad as a main meal you may want to increase to 1 chicken breast per serving.


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